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Serial Family Bullies
Steve and Kelly Muto 

Website content courtesy of Steve and Kelly Muto’s own social media and verbal and written lies told to anyone who will listen.

Feeling “The Burn?”

Serial Family Bully’s, Steve and Kelly Muto, continue to propagate lies, innuendo, character assassination, harassment and defamatory statements online, in person or anywhere they can get someone to listen. 
Hasn’t the world heard enough garbage spewing from these numbskull’s mouths. 
No one from the family has spoken to Steve “The Cheater” and Kelly “The Receptacle” Muto, but there obsession must be more than obvious to there minions by now. 

7 Years, ya, that’s bunny boiler sick.

Cyberbully Steve and Receptacle Kelly Muto want this site to come down.
After their 6 year online and physical bully campaign, Cyberbullies Steve and Kelly Muto know what they need to do:

Stephen “The Cheater” Muto and Kelly “The Receptacle” Murdock

Cease and Desist.

Post a sincere “Public Apology” to all current Social Media Sites for all friends and family to see.
(“Pin It” to the top of your feeds for 30 days.)

Atone for a lifetime of physical and online bullying, character assassination, harassment and defamation.
(You know what you’ve written, you know what you’ve said.)

Because you use Social Media as a Bully Weapon, after 30 days, Delete all Facebook and Social Media Accounts and Start Over.
(That means everything.)

When opening new Social Media Accounts, post your sincere apology as your first post.
(“Pin It” to the top of your feeds for 30 days.)


Go get some counseling and some medication. Seriously.

Update 2022

After 7 years you would think these BULLY would have given it a rest.
But NO.
Not Steve, “THE CHEATER” and Kelly, “THE RECEPTICLE” Muto.
As long as Steve and Kelly provide Bully content on social media, this site will continue to expose them.
As seen below, married and bully life has not been kind to Steve and he might want to spend more time on other healthier pursuits.

OH MY GOD Man, what the hell happened to you?
Is this what 6 years of marriage produces?  Your friends are right “You look old as fuck dude!”

Steve, THE CHEATER, Muto Bully is back to his old favorites taking aim at…

It’s obvious after years of bullying they just won’t stop.  So keep posting and keep talking Steve and Kelly.  You are supplying your own content for this website.  You are in control of how long this website stays up.  Publicly apologize, delete your Facebook and other social media accounts and start over.  Start representing yourself and your family in a way that isn’t an EMBARRASSMENT to you and your parents.  Grow up, BULLIES! 

It’s obvious now that it has been revealed on this site by your ex-lovers Steve, that you are a cheater

It now looks like your hijacking of the parents 50th Anniversary to Hawaii was just an I’M SORRY I CHEATED job of epic proportions.  Did Kelly find out?  Was this the reason you gas-lit the entire family, to prove yourself to your new BRIDEZILLA?

Steve THE CHEATER dumbshit and Kelly THE RECEPTICAL continue to think that in the age of #METOO and #NEVERAGAIN that they are exempt, and continue to post Bully material on Facebook.  Facebook, the MALIGNANT NARCISSISTS’ social-media dream application.
This is where low IQ, stupid fucks, I mean so-called “Friends” of Steve Muto can gather to encourage him as he continues to gas-light his family, we’re talking to you DAVID STEPHENS and RIKKI LEA “Rikki Adams McKay Gonzalez.”

If you’re too stupid to know right from wrong, then you will be immortalized on Steve’s Website page, so keep up the “at-a-boys,” “feeling the burn,” and keep “spitting out your water” and we’ll make sure the world knows that you are BULLIES too. 
You, Facebook so-called “Friends” of THE CHEATER and THE RECEPTICLE should be so proud.

Well shitheads looks like it’s time to warm up the ole #Anti-Bully effort and get back to publicly shaming you and your morons.

Karma comes a callin’
Knock, Knock, Bullies.

Steve Muto Dumbass

You reap what you sow, when you Bully your whole life and refuse to change.

Years of cyber-bullying in the shadows, WELCOME TO THE LIGHT! is dedicated to exposing Steve THE CHEATER and Kelly THE RECEPTICLE Muto as BULLIES, LIARS and CHEATS.

Steve Muto Bully Kelly Muto Bully Mating Hyena's


Let’ set the record straight.  To all the family, friends, followers, minions, victims, co-bullies, co-dependents and enablers of Steve and Kelly Muto, if you have a thread of conscious in your soul, read on, the TRUTH and the ONLY TRUTH will be told.  Let’s face it, most of you have heard such awful things about Steve’s family members that YOU have been victimized the most and go right along with it. Hey someone else has issues, right?  Some of you have been hearing about it for years from Steve.  At some point in Steve’s life someone very close to him SHOULD STAND UP, DO THE RIGHT THING AND TELL HIM HE NEEDS HELP.  It may be a long time because all of Steve’s Facebook so-called Friends seem to be AT-A-BOYs only, even though we know they have noticed a significant change in his behavior over the years.

For month after month after month, year after year, Steve and Kelly Muto, have been Stalking, Cyber-Bullying and Cyber-Stalking members of their own family both physically and online.  They are guilty of the worst of crimes.  Crimes against Family. Innocent family, using relatives and children, as one in many ways of trying to inflict humiliation, embarrassment, damage, pain and suffering on other adult family members.   Yes, he used children.  I know, he’ll say, “They’re Crazy.”  Yes, crazy to stop being Bullied.  It may be hard for some of you to see, it’s right before your eyes, it is very cunning.  Steve has worked a lifetime at perfecting this act and is a very skilled manipulator.  “What a nice guy,” they all say.  Don’t be fooled.


Steve and Kelly do not understand the gravity of what they are doing by creating public and private group Facebook and Twitter Bully identities. Identities tied to their own names, phone numbers, emails, etc.  They have both been proudly authoring “Daily Bully Post” garbage on Social Media relentlessly.  It was as if this Bully Campaign was some kind of addictive drug to them and THEY COULD NOT STOP THEMSELVES OR WOULD NOT STOP THEMSELVES.  Their Bullying is targeted at family members that Steve and Kelly Muto believe have done something to wrong to them.  The Family has done nothing to them.  There is Nothing.   All of this drama was invented by Steve and Kelly and they have lied over and over to their family and friends.  They have bully posted, they have bully written letters, they have bully sent text messages, bully phone calls have been made, all for what Steve and Kelly Muto?  All over a dispute that Steve and Kelly created and manufactured all on their own.  This undeserved anger/rage attack is completely unprovoked and anything that Steve and Kelly say otherwise is a complete and utter lie.  There are no two sides to this story.  There is only the TRUTH and they know it.

We challenge anyone out there to search and find in Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), a fowl word, gesture, picture, post or anything that disparages Steve Muto and/or his family in any way, from anyone in his extended Family.  Let’s see it?  Don’t waste your time. It doesn’t exist.  That’s because the rest of the Family is not like Steve and Kelly.  Well it’s time to expose the cyberbully couple for precisely who they are.


This website is published in DEFENSE of Steve and Kelly’s onslaught of lies, mentally ill, bully and cyber-bully behavior.  This site had to be produced to protect the TRUTH and reveal the LIES.  “NOT US, WHO ME, NO, IT WAS THEM, SEE, LOOK AT HOW MEAN THE WEBSITE IS.”  Don’t fall for it.  Call out the lies.

The 13 stages of the Family Serial Bullies Attack-Defense are;

1.  Pretense of Surprise
2.  Denial
3.  Bid for Sympathy
4.  Raise an Alarm
5.  Projection
6.  Delay & Diversion
7.  Threaten
8.  Provoke
9.  Panic
10. Create Confusion
11. Counter Attack
12. Pretense of Humility
13. Claim the Part of the Victim

Steve and Kelly have hit every one of the above Defense Strategies since they have been held to account.  Steve is gravely mistaken, he knows it, and he has no reason to be attacking.  This is a “cover-my-ass” effort of epic proportion.  Covering his ass for blowing up and destroying his entire family’s relations.  Not one of you will go unaffected by this.  Oh, he’ll downplay it.  He’ll skirt around it.  He’ll blame, blame, blame, blame.  Steve is acting like a monkey, “beating his chest,” for the benefit of all the other monkeys to stay away or else.

To be doing this for as long as Kelly and Steve have, shows how really ill they are.  Letters have been sent to close family asking them or anyone to try to get them to seek medical help, all to no avail.  On the contrary, Steve has stolen Private letters to Family Members and has used them for nefarious purposes instead.


So with Steve, and Co-Bully/Enabler Kelly at his side as the BigKahunaBully Team, they set to task.  The family was attacked unceasingly with cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking, day in and day out without reprieve for months and months.  Never ending, never abating.  It was enough.  This website had to be published and the light was shown on the scurvy scum and they scattered like cock roaches.  All the Public Bully Media is down for now.  The Family will know eventually what private garbage Steve and Kelly are libeling themselves with over the next few days and months.  Just because Steve was forced to remove the content does not mean that it was not all captured and preserved because Steve is a known liar, and will most likely say, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.  What Bully site?  Who’s a Bully?  What’s a Bully?  Who’s BigKahuna Bully, NOT ME, IT’S THEM, LOOK OVER THERE, THEY’RE MEAN and CRAZY.  Kelly will play dress-up assistant, promote Steve and stand by and watch and clap as her new family burns.  Not sure what kind of heartless being it takes to do these kinds of things to Family, but you are witnessing it first hand and remaining silent.  The kinds of actions they are taking (Cyber-Bullying, Cyber-Stalking) are being studied right now in colleges all over the country and in government.  Hey Facebook, Twitter, maybe you should take up the study, Steve and Kelly could be your Poster Children, you seem to be the Bully Pulpit. Steve and Kelly are acting out and targeting their undeserved anger, rage, frustration and wrath on their innocent family members.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Steve Muto - Symptoms of a Narcissistic Personality Disorder NPD

The light will shine on Steve Muto and Kelly Muto until the TRUTH is told PUBLICLY, DO IT NOW.

  • Stop Bullying, Cyber-Bullying and Stalking NOW and FOREVER.
  • Take responsibility and accountability for your despicable behavior.
  • Cease and Desist all character assassination and slanderous innuendo towards your family members, whom you so easily threw away like trash.
  • Remove ALL Online Bully Content and the absurd Honeymoon “Rub-it-In” Countdown.
  • Publicly Apologize, ONLINE, In Writing, on every Social Media Outlet you have poisoned.

It is our opinion and belief that Steve Muto is a Genuine Narcissist Bully and Cyber-Bully.
It is also our belief Kelly Muto is Co-Bullying her new family and is enabling and encouraging Steve’s behavior.


Steve Muto Bully Thug

Steve more than overreacted and took on a Cyber-Bully identity when he was called to accountability by his family.  Steve and Kelly were asked to compromise and come to an agreement when there was a simple family dispute that most families would have been able to easily solve.  Steve took the extreme and proudly and profoundly emerged as a Cyber-Bully.  It is our opinion, knowing what we know now, it is believed that he is a Serial Family Bully.   Steve acts like he receives sick sadistic pleasure in trying to inflict pain and suffering on others, namely his own family.  If you were to meet him on the street, you would think he was the nicest most pleasant guy you’ve met.  Don’t be fooled This is a classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality.


Steve Gas-Lit his family relationships permanently when he started bullying them years ago.  Utilizing social media Steve has attacked beloved family members, including children.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, any place he thinks he can get a punch in.  It may not be completely obvious to the casual social media user, or you, but, what you are seeing is randomly timed, Posts, of  innuendo, passive-aggressive statements and character assassination without naming names directly.  He and Kelly both have told countless people offline and online who they are targeting.  Some of you so-called Facebook Friends, are even “Commenting,” “Liking”, and “Re-Posting” his sick perverted bully posts unwittinglyYou are his victims and enablers too.  Steve and Kelly require this type of narcissistic supply.  It’s their FUEL. Steve Muto has been a Bully his entire life.  Steve Bullies his Parents, Sibling, In-Laws, Nieces, Nephews, and any other family members that aren’t serving Steve’s needs.  This has gone unchecked by his family his whole life.  The Family just wants to be LEFT ALONE.  Is this so difficult to comprehend?  Is he that ill?


Steve’s entire recent “I’ll Show Them,” Bully Campaign began over the simplest of family business.  A Vacation.  All of this came about because Steve and Kelly were not successful at bullying their way into complete control of the entire planning of this simple family Vacation.  They were to be invited guests, let me say this again, they were to be invited guests only, on a very time sensitive Hawaiian Vacation that other family members were planning to commemorate years of Hawaiian memories and anniversary’s, of which, Steve has none.  Such a worthy cause to set up a Cyber-Bully Social Media Campaign over.  Steve began triangulating conversations between family members and clouding their communications he was not supposed to be having and it began to upset and stress out everyone involved.  Steve torched the whole thing.  He had to have things his way or no way and destroyed everyone’s plansHe ruined the entire family’s plans and then had the audacity to spread it around the family and close friends that someone else was to blame and not him, NOT ME“So let’s go anyway.” Steve says.  This is a grand opportunity to stick it to the family and we can rub it in all of their faces for months before the trip.  We can post a daily countdown publicly that makes sense to no-one but Steve but is skillfully aimed at attempting to inflict public pain and humiliation on the family members for whom he destroyed relationships forever, permanently, over simple summer plans.  Oh and all the posts, post after post after post after post.  Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, oh and Kelly, Kelly, Kelly ,Kelly, Kelly.


To all Steve’s enabler “Friends” on Social Media, you know who you are, you know what he was doing.  His hashtags #DEADTOUSALL and much worse, and his @BigKahunaBully entries in his posts signaling his minions to visit the Bully Page to receive the most updated, salacious vile he had lurked all night finding.  You all stood silent, spineless, gutless, cowards and you all know who you are.  You should be ashamed of yourselves for actively participating, especially his close friends who know exactly who He and Kelly are targeting.  Right?  Thanks for the knife in the back, it will come in handy when we cut ties with you all.

Steve Muto Bully - Narcissist


Steve has sunk so low as to even have created a fake bully identity he obviously thought was pretty funny.  Mr. BigKahunaBully.  So Original.  You can read about The BigKahunaBully throughout this website.  Steve Posted Bully material in perpetuity on Facebook and added the little #BKB or #BigKahunaBully hashtags and that was his Super Secret Bully signal to all his “Minions” to be sure and go visit Steve’s Bully Twitter or Steve’s Bully Facebook Hashtag #BigKahunaBully.  Again Steve is very cunning, at the very same time these things were going on in Social Media to reach his targets, the family was trying desperately to work things out.  He was manipulating other family members using dis-information and lies to further confuse and cloud the issues.  Very cunning, very skillful and very upsetting to several of Steve’s closest family members. Kelly Muto, well what can be said for the life partner of the above aforementioned “Gem.”  Kelly (Murdock) Muto is acting equally as depraved as Steve.  She has been Steve’s selfie obsessed “Co-Bully.”  Catch her minute by minute narcissistic updates on the nearest social media outlet.  She is none to quick to add her pretend little innocent quips to his Bully posts. “I Love you, you big Bully.”  Then along come his/her friends “minions” unknowingly or knowingly joining in on the Bully Fun Posts seemingly without a clue.


WARNING: It is opinion that Steve and Kelly Muto are “Bunny Boiler” sick and you might want to distance yourself immediately .  It is also opinion that they need to seek medical attention today.  Please do not risk anyone else in your family.  Steve’s own Parents have not handled the stress of Steve’s onslaught very well and have been beyond upset by this whole ordeal.  They may not be fit to travel and Steve knows it.  Steve may think he can’t help being a Bully Narcissist, but he can.  He comes from a long line of men who thought that bullying and narcissistic abuse, jealousy and control, was the only way to have an interpersonal family relationship.  He is wrong.


Family, We’re warning you now, beware of these two Bullies!  You could be their next TARGET. It is understood that most of you will do nothing for fear of retribution from STEVE and KELLY. It is also understood Steve and Kelly will do anything to place blame anywhere but themselves, it’s all lies.

I Become Karma when you mess with my family

Up Yours Truly,



burning house down
Steve Muto Stop Bullying

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