Act Like a Fool – Bully Steve Muto

Steve Muto and Wife, Kelly Muto Dressing Up?

Anyone else thinking what we’re thinking?

Steve Muto wouldn’t have been caught dead in a costume like these.
Ah, Married Life…

Steve Muto and Kelly Muto Acting Like Fools

“Oh, Your Such an Animal Steve.”  “You big Bully you…”

Steve Muto Bully, Kelly Muto Bully - Kelly Dressing Steve like a Doll

Steve Muto Bully, Kelly Muto Bully Christmas

“Its the most wonderful time of the year?” NO FAMILY, NO ONE CARES ABOUT BULLY Christmas.
What a cheery Holiday, the last, before gas-lighting the family for the NEW YEAR and FOREVER!

 Steve Muto Looking Like a Fool

Happy Bully New Year, are those Pearls?

 Steve Muto Bully dressed like silly pirate with fake beard

Even have the matching necklace!

Steve Muto Bully Dresses Like a Fool for Wifey

Happy Dress-Up Day, I mean 4th, Honey, Bunny, Wunny, Dummy.

  Steve Muto Bully - Thinks he is funny

La cucaracha, La cucaracha…

Kelly Muto Bully Playing Dress Up Again

Kelly Muto Bully - Even the poor dog can't catch a break

Even the poor dog can’t escape her.


Hey Steve, here’s a costume for you for Halloween this year.  You’d only need the mask and the grass skirt!
It’s the official Big Kahuna Bully Costume!  Kelly will love it! She can be Mrs. Big Kahuna Bully or Big Kahuna Bulliette!


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