The Most Anticipated Muto (Murdock) – 50th Wedding Anniversary EXTRAVAGANZA!

Grandparents thought they were being given a peaceful Hawaiian 50th Wedding Anniversary Vacation.

UPDATE 2018: Now titled: 50th Wedding Anniversary EXTRAVAGANZA – I’M SORRY I CHEATED Hawaiian Vacation

Little did they know, Steve and Kelly had something more adventurous in mind. A Honeymoon / Bucket List Tour 2015 courtesy of God Speed.

Skydiving? Check
Shark diving? Check
Bucket List Tour? Check
Leave Grandparents at house? Check
Consolation attendance at Grandparent’s Wish List events?  Not so much.
Keep up Bully Campaign, from Hawaii, on the relatives back on the mainland with dozens and dozens of Indirect Cyber-Bully posts on Facebook? Check

Some posts as the one below are not so indirect.  This is cyber-bully targeted at specific family members.

Steve Muto Bully - Steve went out of his way and took family to the other relatives house to be as last ultimate rub it in.

Before moving on…

Highly disturbed Steve and Kelly Muto, Bully’s, actually went out of their way and involved their kids in his sick Bully Campaign.  Someone, deposited Steve’s step-daughters, near the doorsteps to the other relatives “house to be,” (see picture above) as a last ultimate stick-it-to-them action.  (The house is just out of the picture.) This is goes way beyond sick and twisted and shows the lengths that these Bully’s have gone for months to abuse and cause intentional emotional distress to the relatives that Steve, Kelly, Ron and Ruth claim as family.  To further illustrate this point, have a look at this post and see if this isn’t the corner of the house that never was, thanks to the Muto’s.

Starting with images below, Steve and Kelly began the Hawaii Honeymoon Phase of their Bully Campaign in typical “Selfie” in-your-face style.  You can see the Bullying in earnest resumed on June 22nd, 2015.
The volume and activity of hard to distinguish bully posts move to a new ever higher sicker level.  Again very hard to distinguish what the heck they are posting all these posts for right?
It’s for Cyber-Bullying Everyone, is it possible for to wake up and “Unfriend these Bully’s?  Your inaction against this lunacy speaks volumes of all of you.  This above action is especially egregious and uses Steve’s Stepdaughters as Pawns in Steve and Kelly’s sick Bully Game.  This is just another set of Vacation photo’s right?

Let’s see, where are Grandma and Grandpa Muto in all this posting?
We know the Muto’s are putting on an act, but, wasn’t this supposed to be for and about them, Ron and Ruth?

Wasn’t this supposed to be THEIR VACATION.  Not a HONEYMOON / BUCKET LIST TOUR?  Again, you decide.
(Side note:  The following content is not randomly picked and is the actual content of what Steve and Kelly put online in 7 days in Hawaii.)


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One Response to The Most Anticipated Muto (Murdock) – 50th Wedding Anniversary EXTRAVAGANZA!

  1. James Duran says:

    Hang in there, these people will eventually reap what they sow.

    Romans 12:19-21
    Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it unto the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. To the contrary, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

    Basically God or Karma (whatever you believe in) will repay these people in the end. Maybe not as soon as you and I want it, but they will get it pretty bad in the future.

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