Big Kahuna Bully #BKB Defined

Steve Muto - Kelly Muto - Big Kahuna Bully Identity

Steve and Kelly Muto have exploded onto Social Media over the last 6 months.  What’s it all about?  It is in everyone’s best interest to reveal what all the fuss is over.

Well, it’s about Big Kahuna Bully and what it means? #BKB?  There is also #HBB (Hawaii Bound Bitches).  They got the “bitches” part right. #HBB?

Known Family Serial Bully, Steve Muto, created a fake Twitter Bully Identity @BigKahunaBully to allow him a Social Media outlet for his pathetic attempt at being a Cyber-Bully.  He is also an insanely jealous and envious person in general.  This is a feeble attempt at being a smart guy and he thinks he is operating underground and thru innuendo and passive aggressiveness.

See Steve, and his wife Kelly Muto, were invited guests to an Exotic Hawaiian Vacation being organized and planned by another faction of the family to take place after the Parents 50th Anniversary Banquet Dinner in California.  After it was learned that the Parents did not want to have a Banquet Dinner in California, the family decided instead to extend their invitation to the Parents to join along with them to Hawaii to celebrate along with them.  The dates of the trip were changed from the 18th to the 24th to accommodate the Parents to July 14th through the 21st.  Steve and his family were invited at the special request of his Parents.  Steve and Kelly were not going to be invited originally, and you can see why.  This was Steve’s Parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration and Steve’s Mother insisted that Steve and his new family be invited.  The invitation was reluctantly extended.

Steve Muto Bully Thug

After Steve was informed that the Vacation was already being planned by other family members and was planned to be on a strict budget, well, big talkin’, big money Steve made an agreement to bank roll a larger chunk of funds for a “Top Shelf” Vacation in his own words.  This is where Kelly and Steve stuck their noses in where they did not belong and HIJACKED the entire home search and event planning for everyone.  Steve and Kelly purposefully began clouding the waters of decisions that had already been made for months.  Putting ideas into the minds of Parents about what house, what events and what Steve and Kelly were going to be doing on this, their “Honeymoon/Vacation.”  Steve stressed everyone to the point of breaking and burning and did it laughing and joking about it all the way.  The “Campaign” began.

What had been planned for over 2 years by other family just wasn’t good enough for Mrs. Kelly (Murdock) Muto.  After a lifetime of being a broke truck driver and having recently borrowed money from his family members, all of a sudden Steve has 10’s of thousands of dollars to spend on a week in Hawaii.  Gee, that’s funny, his elderly, aging, partially infirmed parents just came into, a short time ago, a huge sum of money, problem is, according to the Parents, it’s gone.  All of it.

Steve and Kelly were invited guests.  But, selfish Steve couldn’t allow another family member to plan accommodations for his Princess Kelly.  No, she had to have everything her special unique way.  Each of her kids (teen and adults) had to have their own room with their own bathroom.  She would not even consider the possibility that a compromise might be needed and that her young adults could possibly sleep on say, a sofa bed or a futon, in order to keep the family together in one house.  Steve’s Mom had made a special request for all the family to be in one house.  Kelly had very high standards and insisted that the home had to be right on the beach, not steps from the beach, the couch cushions had to be the right color, it has to be on the North Shore.  In reality, all of this was a ruse, because little did the family know, Steve and Kelly had already hatched their own plans that had nothing to do with the family.

The family had already spent several months finding a home on a beach in Hawaii that sleeps EVERYONE, comfortably, a task very difficult for those of you familiar with the homes built along Hawaii beaches and how costly they are.  Steve and Kelly had their own insidious plans.  All in their own rooms?  Impossible and they knew it.  Steve and Kelly went behind the family’s back and booked a smaller home for just his family and him and changed their flight dates to 4 DAYS EARLIER, LEAVING ON A WEEKEND.  This specifically, with calculated malice, excluded several members of his family and left them to find accommodations elsewhere, and facing much higher flight costs due to the Saturday Departure.  Steve did this all while behaving like a cocky son-of-a-bitch and laying down the groundwork and the gasoline to destroy his relationships with his family in  the coming months.  Wasn’t that thoughtful of him?  When the bully was confronted, held to account and questioned about why he would do such a thing is when they launched their attack.  This is what Psychologists refer to as a Narcissistic Rage.  Can’t challenge a Bully.  Not without severe repercussions and a severe over-the-top reaction to play the victim and say see, see, they’re the bad one’s, NOT ME.

Steve Muto Bully - Narcissist, Deception, Threats, Lies

Oh, it’s insidious.  It’s innuendo.  It hardly makes sense to most people because it is sprinkled in between posts on Facebook and Twitter.  It’s In between Posts about beer, Nascar and big butts but it’s there.  Pure, Raw, Hatred for his family members.  Steve went ape shit.  He created fake bully identities, staying up all hours of the night for month after month, trolling and finding degrading and borderline criminal content to post on the internet.  He had been adding to it practically DAILY and this routine has been going on since FEB 2015.  He makes mentions of murder, photos of guns, threatening language, you name it.  He’s pulling out all the stops and it’s completely transparent on his Facebook which has been littered with this material.  Again WAAAAY Over-the-Top reaction to a simple family challenge.  Steve and Kelly reneged on their deal to this family to the tune of thousands of dollars,  just like loser bullies do.   He has deliberately misled the family, booked a smaller house, changed the dates, all while manipulating and spreading lies to other members of the family to ruin everybody’s plans.  But they are going to Hawaii without them.  What does that say about this man and his family?


Steve Muto couldn’t just leave it alone like most people.  The Facebook site was a good platform to bully but it couldn’t let him do his real dirty work, no, he had to go one step further.  He created a bully identity for himself for Twitter.  Twitter, where the worlds rats come out of the cellar to barf all over society.  Well on Twitter, BKB was born, Big Kahuna Bully.  He went even further and created a special Google mail account, intended to send hateful, vile emails around digital security blocks his family had put up to try to avoid this Bully.  Steve knows his ailing parents have said they are too old to be on Facebook and Twitter so he chose that medium to launch his attack.  Where his Beloved Parents wouldn’t see what he was doing, but where other family members including nieces and nephews on Social Media, would.  His parents barely know how to open an email and Steve has taken full advantage of that by reading and replying to their private emails.

Steve has made an absolute fool of himself and Kelly.  Steve has attempted to publicly humiliate members of his family for simply calling him out on his insanity.  Since only close family members and Steve’s Facebook Minions were seeing what Steve was doing to his family, as a Public Service, we thought we could help broaden his audience a just a bit.  Now you are getting an audience Mr. Worldwide.


Any one with half a brain knows that Steve’s Posts are a reflection, projection and deflection of Steve’s Bully personality.  His target/s (family) are stronger than Steve could ever be.

The Vacation/Honeymoon Overlords, Steve and Kelly, had to have things a perfect special way for their Honeymoon, ‘er I mean Parents 50th Anniversary Vacation.  The cushions aren’t soft enough, the house is a house, the beach is too sandy, the sun rises in the east.  They gave any excuse to make this all about Kelly and not about the gift that was being given by the rest of the family to her new In-Laws, Steve’s Parents.  Kelly might want to take a hint, her aging in-laws, both over the age of 70, would have no interest in Skydiving, Swimming in Shark Cages or Scuba Diving.  Save that Bucket List crap for your own vacation.  This was not your vacation to plan or derail.  Shame, Shame, Shame on you Kelly for encouraging Steve to act in this despicable way towards his family.  It is shocking that she would be so quick to encourage instead of compromise when this became a dispute, she is as much to blame as anyone for the destruction of the relationships in her new family.

Kelly already has several broken family’s in her history.  It’s a record!  It only took less than 3 years to help Steve destroy her new family.

Make NO mistake about it, the Family Hawaiian Vacation is completely ruined, Steve and Kelly have destroyed what could have been a lifetime wonderful experience for the ENTIRE Family, and the memories they could have made together.  They went even further and completely destroyed their relationship with their own flesh and blood.  According to his Parents this will be the last overseas trip they will be able to take, this opportunity will not come again.  Steve and Kelly’s attempt at making this a Honeymoon of a lifetime will forever be cursed with the knowledge that several beloved family members will not be there because of Steve’s despicable behavior toward them. Would anyone want to go on vacation to Hawaii with this Big Kahuna Bully and endure his manipulative, narcissistic and condescending comments day and night? Even Kelly’s daughters were looking forward to more of their family being there, a robbery from them as well.

Steve and Kelly will, no doubt, post numerous pictures of their dream “Bucket List” vacation to fake the appearance that they’re having soooo much fun.  We all know you’re just doing it to rub it in, that’s what narcissists do. 90 Day Countdown?  Again, way over the top.  But remember folks, this trip will always be tainted with their hatred and jealousy and envy.  Be sure and take lots of selfies, I mean pictures. They’ll be posed just right, with just the right captions, “What a wonderful time we’re having!” BARF!  All, so Steve and Kelly could have their “Top Shelf” Hawaiian Honeymoon, ‘er I mean Parents 50th Anniversary, right?

Hashtag #BKB, BigKahunaBully is a stab at Steve’s entire family and shows his true identity to all his “Minions, Friend and Followers.”  Who does this kind of sleazy crap to their own flesh and blood at his age?  The only time you’ll see behavior like this is maybe on the “ID” channel, or in medical journals.  Steve is exposing himself to severe backlash from a very large and very vocal “Anti-Bully” Community.  We understand that narcissists cannot change, but at least we can bring attention to them and shine the light on their scurvy activities.  Expose them and let them try to continue to do business in the light of day.

The family is rallying around the TRUTH and Steve’s days as “Paper Tiger” Online Bully are OVER.

We challenge other friends and family members to comment respectfully to Steve’s idiotic posts.  Do it now, tell Steve and Kelly Muto where they are going wrong!  Then “Un-Friend” “Un-Follow” and Disconnect from them Socially before they choose YOU as their next Target.

Alohaha! Hawaii Bound Bitches, BigKahunaBully!

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2 Responses to Big Kahuna Bully #BKB Defined

  1. Thank you for waving the flag on this subject says:

    Thank you for waving the flag on this subject

    I have edited 4 YA books in the past year with the theme of bullying. These were authors from the UK, AU, and the States. The issue is global, the recognition is global, and the solution will have to be global.

    Personally, I attribute two things to bullying: tolerance and validation.

    We are hard-wired to utilize tolerance in our existence to determine survival and sustainability. We test. We probe. We question. And we are always pushing the envelope of tolerance to see how a thing works – what its bursting point is.

    Fire produces heat. How close can we get to it before there is damage? What is our tolerance and what do we learn from it? Some heat warms us and keeps us from freezing to death. Other heat cooks some foods and makes them safe to eat. Still other heat burns and creates fear – we learn to use it as a weapon against things that might eat us (warmed up or not). Fire pushed past bursting burns our home down, destroys environments and things we need to survive (like crops or milk cows). You get the drift…

    So…the bully seeks – perhaps you could even say is driven – to find the point of bursting. And they only see the process, not the result…because they are cushioned from that result. Like experimenting with fire in an asbestos suit, they have no reality connected with their actions.

    Then, we have validation. Every single human on earth must validate their beliefs, thoughts, findings, tolerance testings. This is usually only done through other humans. If we cannot validate our existence, actions, thoughts, ideas with others…we can only produce circular paths within our own existences.

    Not meaning to be all boo-ee-ooo or searing here, but I believe that cyber-bullying will be stopped when everyone refuses to tolerate it or validate it.

    So — my approach to bullying is: no tolerance! no validation!

    Wonderful post!

  2. Boswell Match says:

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