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Kelly “THE RECEPTICLE’s” Facebook

This page is dedicated to exposing the truth behind Kelly “THE RECPTICLES” Muto’s insidious, passive aggressive method’s of innuendo direct Facebook and libelous lies and bullying.  Very cunning and deceitful especially to her followers.

Kelly “THE RECPTICLES” Muto’s Facebook is a classic semi-daily online vomit of narcissism, bullying, self-absorption, whining and sickening comments to her hubby, wubby, lovee, dovee that NO-ONE PUTS ON FACEBOOK.  Is it going to be #1 or #2?  How many drinks today?  What am I having for dinner? What color are my nails today?  Did I put up enough selfies today?

Steve Muto Kelly Muto Hyenas?

Kelly’s Super Classy Facebook Cover Photo!

 Kelly Muto Bully - Needs Beach therapy

A very good article is published on why people find these posts so annoying:
15 Reasons Why You Are the Most Annoying Person On Facebook.


More narcissistic tendencies rearing it’s ugly head.


The “Drama Weeks” she is referring to are the weeks her and her Bully husband began torpedoing the entire families combined vacations.  “Awww feel better Kells.”
“It must be hard being so selfish, self-centered and gas-lighting your new family at the same time.”


This is Kelly’s special way of rubbing it in to all the other family members faces who’s entire year was beyond disrupted.

Living your whole life on Social Media for the world to see!

Mostly just for show.  A Show for the benefit of Facebook “Friends” whom understand and get the Bullying.
Both Steve and Kelly deny that these posts have anything to do with Bullying.
Then the following hashtags don’t mean what they look like they mean.

#gamesfamilyplay #hawaiiboundbitches


“Pesky Family Members who create drama?”
Um, that would be family you’ve only been a part of for 3 years and have torched to the ground.
Are those the “family” you are referring too?

Take note of the hash tags: this is where #HBB Hawaii Bound Bitches was born.

Another Cyber-Bully identity intended on hurting relatives they are trashing at the same time.



More “Rub-it-in-Posts.”  Kelly knows her husband and she are Bully Campaigning at this point.



Kelly Muto Bully Facebook Posts - Steve Muto being cautioned by another Owner Operator

Bill Richel wisely cautioning Steve and “Wifey” to be wise?  No chance of that Bill.
“Your still an o/o.” That is trucker speak for Owner/Operator.

Kelly Muto Bully Facebook Posts - Fake Love and Narcissism On Display

Kelly Muto Bully Countdown Rub it In

More of the “trying to rub it in as far as she can.”  This is all Kelly, no Steve in sight.
Gee, Steve “Liked” it, what do you know.

Kelly Muto Bully Countdown Rub it In

This one speaks all for itself.

Kelly Muto Bully - Baby Got Back Alright

Baby Got Back… Stabbed.


  Bella Jail Birthday Comment

Stay out of Jail Bella. Happy Birthday!

kelly muto selfie

Selfie Obsessed.

Kelly Muto Bully - When aren't you drinking Margaritas

Play by play for the benefit of who knows why.

 Kelly Muto Bully - Steve treats Kelly like piece of meat

 Typical Steve Muto reflux.

 Kelly Muto Bully Rub It In Facebook Profile

As of June 23rd, 2015 this is Kelly’s Cover Photo, still rubbing it in…


Kelly Muto Bully Facebook - Needs Attention

The Dream versus the Reality (Narcissistic Love vs. Unconditional Love)

When it comes to loving a narcissist, all we can really do is love a dream we have of them. This dream can be so strong (and beautiful) that it becomes something that we come to superimpose on the true narcissist. Every little positive spark of something nice they said or did, enforces the “truth” of that dream. This keeps us at a seemingly safe distance from what is really happening. The dream keeps the painful reality at bay. However, at some point, it’s necessary to see the dream for what it is and recognize that it is impossible to love or be loved by the narcissist.  It’s not anyone’s fault, it’s just that they have made themselves completely unavailable to unconditional love.

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