Murder on your mind?

Looks like Steve and Kelly have a little Murder on their minds…

Steve Muto Big Kahuna Bully - Pulp Fiction Scene Reference

Yeah Kelly, OMG is right.  BigKahunaBully agrees with Sam.

Steve Muto Bully - Murder on my Mind Wine

After months of never ending family bullying Steve finally reveals his true feelings.  “Murder on my Mind?”  Are you serious?  Let’s all remember this was over a family vacation.  Shari Romano O’Weger you’re an enabler of these bully’s, I would suggest for your own reputation you quit your online support of active Serial Family Bullying.

To Chrisite Quigly, mind your own business, your only feeding the beast.  Secondary Bully’s are Bully’s too, you only know Kelly’s side of the story.  Your encouragement to a Bully is their Fuel.

Steve Muto Cyberbully - Rules Kelly Approves of including murder

Enemy’s, Money, Shooting, Alcohol and Cries for Attention.

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