Muto’s – Keeping Up the Jet-Setter Appearances

The Parents of Steve Muto (Ron and Ruth Muto) are addicted to the “Jet-setter” lifestyle.

So much so, they will do practically anything, obviously, based on their actions this week, to get a free ride on their next Vacation.

Anything with a free, plane ticket, boat ride or trip on a merry-go-round.  They don’t care who they stomp on, or hurt, on their way to the airport or loading dock, watch out here they come.  They surely don’t care if they permanently damage their grand-kids, kids, in-laws. Shine it!  “Who cares about them?” Paradise awaits.

Despite their son, Steve Muto & Co., figuratively burning the family to the ground before leaving on the “Cursed Hawaiian Vacation,” the Parental Muto’s don’t seem to have any conscience whatsoever.  They don’t seem to have SOULS at all.  They will borrow money for food from relatives and then shortly afterwards fly off to a Jet Set Location before anyone in the family could even suggest “Savings?” “Retirement?” “Homeless?” “Legacy?” Now it’s back to,“we don’t’ have any money, we’re broke.”  Gee, why don’t’ you sell that brand new Lexus or Brand New Explorer that graces your driveway, for some food, clothes, rent? Keep those appearances up.  Don’t let anyone know what really goes on behind closed doors at the Muto residence.

What person with a soul would do this kind of despicable thing to their closest flesh and blood?  Childish name calling by Ron Muto. As if  someone who couldn’t pass the 5th grade, words like “Whore,” “Cunt.”  Words used against his flesh and blood to try to Bully them as well.

Four months before the actual trip; Ruth claims to everyone “Steve keeps calling me and my blood pressure is going to 300, this is stressing me out so badly I had to go to the hospital and I may die.”  Not weeks later she is boarding the gangway for a stressful 6 hour flight and a week in stormy Hawaii.  What happened to the severe health conditions? Sky-high Blood Pressure?  Boy, they cleared up fast.  And for what?  To prove what?  Ruth has been to Hawaii about a bazillion times.  This trip was to celebrate Anniversary’s.  Not Steve and Kelly Muto’s Anniversary’s.  This trip was for bonding with grandchildren, blood and not, grandchildren.  Well they got left in the dust.  Some kids got used as pawns in Steve’s game and Steve and Kelly don’t have anniversaries to celebrate in Hawaii.  Steve and Kelly don’t have any children together either.  But, now they have something to celebrate!  The torching of the family.  They can go back to Hawaii annually to burn a pig in effigy for the relatives they discarded, and continue to Bully.

Little does the family know but there is a story, let’s call it a rumor about a trip South of the Border last summer by Ron and Ruth.  Any of you heard this one?  It’s a great story, have them tell it to you sometime over a Tequila.  Let’s just suffice it to say that according to Ruth she has not been in good health since last summer.  Hmmm?

Look everyone, it’s a miracle, suddenly, when it’s time to board the flight to Hawaii, health issues have suddenly just disappeared.

Ron and Ruth must have forgotten all about the blood relatives that actually invited them to Hawaii and weren’t on the trip.  The ones they threw away.  Ruth Muto made the family invite Steve & Co..  She would rather show off the fact that she was taken to Hawaii, all expenses paid, then to actually hold Steve responsible for what he did to his blood relatives.  It is our opinion that she is embarrassed by Steve’s behavior and would do anything to hide it from the rest of the family.

“Don’t upset the Bully, the hate, rage and anger might get turned back onto us.”  Your right, don’t upset the Bully whatever you do.  He’ll surely someday turn on you too.  This too shall come to pass.  Tick, tock, tick, tock. About the same tick, tock as Steve and Kelly’s so-called marriage.

What morals does this side of the family have?  This is unbelievable and I’m sure it’s not the end of the depravity.  What do they believe in?  God?  No, they are proclaimed Atheists.  Family?  No, they figuratively burned all remaining blood relatives to the ground to whore themselves to Hawaii this summer.  Truth?  No, they perpetuate Steve and Kelly Muto’s lies and cover-ups in their Hive mentality and their whoring themselves out.  What do they believe in?  Greed? Anger? Rage? Hatred? Ambivalence? Infidelity? Cheating, Lies?  Cover-ups?  What a slick veneer they put over themselves to hide the real TRUTH from all their such good friends and family.  Go on R&R, tell everyone what condition your marriage has been in for 50 YEARS.

Talk about a gutless, spineless, cowardly, dastardly deed.  This goes unmatched in this family.

Congratulations you’ve achieved your World Travel Slut Status.

The Muto Parents, Ron and Ruth, deserve an academy award for this stunning performance!

Congratulations Ron and Ruth for standing behind and backing the Serial Family Bully and for throwing away the rest of your family like this weeks trash, including your only flesh and blood.  Unforgivable.  Hope Hawaii for the 100th time was worth it.  Take lots of selfies!  Oh yeah, Kelly’s got that covered, and then some.

Good luck in your old age with Mr. and Mrs. Bully Muto (Steve and Kelly) changing your diapers and spoon-feeding you your Jello.

Beyond Up Yours Truly,

Relatives, Silent No More

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