Narcissist Check List – Read it Now!

You probably know someone, after reading the Narcissist Check List, that will meet some, most, or all of the Criteria on this list.
The Muto Family has a number of members that this could be their manifesto.

Steve Muto Bully - The Scapegoat Dynamic

Narcissist Check List:

  1. Two faced, putting friends and family down behind their backs.
  2. Tendency to blame their lack of success and failures on others.
  3. Acts different in public than in private.
  4. Irresponsible and unreliable
  5. Arrogant, acts superior to people close to them.
  6. Lives in a fantasy world which may include porn, flirting, affairs and dreams of unlimited success and fame.
  7. Addicted to his fantasy oriented behavior.
  8. Will lie and distort facts and change events to suit their own agenda.
  9. Be irresponsible with money.
  10. Emotionally distant and unavailable unless they want something.
  11. Exhibits inappropriate attitudes and prejudices about bodily functions and sexual behavior.
  12. Lack sympathy for others, especially those they exploit
  13. Be very controlling and unable to relax
  14. Regularly provoke people and then blame them for the fight
  15. Have trouble admitting their mistakes.

Steve Muto Bully - Narcissystem - Narcissist Check List

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One Response to Narcissist Check List – Read it Now!

  1. Richard says:

    I only came across information about scapegoating a few weeks ago by accident when searching how to deal with narcissists after yet another mean thing my family did to me. It has changed my life! I am so very happy to find out about this. I have been saying all the points all my life about being the family scapegoat but not realizing it was all connected or calling it that. I have been frustrated and confused about how I was treated, it made no sense. Was it really my fault? Was it my imagination? Was I making a big deal out of nothing? To find out it is real, it is bad, it is abuse, it devastates a person and their life, it NEVER stops. It extends to your own children and nieces and nephews, cousins, and personal relationships and work. It is insidious. I had just come to the conclusion I had to sever the last family tie I was holding on to. Like so many others, I was losing nothing, nothing good ever came out of being in contact with any family member. I suffered unspeakably horrible emotional abuse by family from birth on. I couldn’t understand why I need counseling into my 60’s for goodness sake. Now it all makes sense! I am so typical, not fully realizing until in my mid-60’s! Oh if I could only have known years sooner. Thank you so much for bringing light to this terrible problem!

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