Steve’s Facebook

Steve’s Facebook

Inevitably this is the filth that Steve THE CHEATER Muto BULLY ends up posting to his social-media.  Steve is the root of  the problem in this country with MENTAL HEALTH.  Mental Health is a crisis and STEVE is the POSTER CHILD.  Get HELP Steve, you and your BUNNY BOILER sickness need to get fixed.

Just a sampling:

SHOOT HIM?  We knew you were sick but really.


Prayers?  So you found God eh? Get REAL and quit using social media as a prop for your NARCISSISM.


You’re an ASS.  Let’s set the record straight.  You never got laid at Prom, you got dumped a week before and ended up on a PITY DATE .  YOU ARE PATHETIC.

Dumbfuck, you never prayed in school!  Who do you think you’re trying to fool, your high school classmates, your childhood friends, your family?  Again, GROW UP and quit using FACEBOOK as your MALIGNANT NARCISSIST PROP.

Steve Muto’s deleted Facebook and Social Media Bully Online Vomit:

  • Twittter @BigKahunaBully (now katy_puppy)
  • Facebook

Steve was Bully Posting from the road and suddenly removed all evidence of his cyber-bully posts.   He removed all references, pictures, posts and comments about Reliable Carriers.  Notice how now he claims to just be a Long Haul Trucker.  Steve cannot escape who he is, what he has done. It is all being captured and archived because the Internet is forever and so is the damage done by an abusive Cyber-Bully.  He is not going to be able to continue to get away with his lies and his not-so-subtle innuendo, character assassination and constant disparaging of family members to others online or anywhere.

Below is a partial history of Steve’s very calculated, very pointed vile Social Media Posts directed at his family.  He will say they have nothing to do with family.  You be the judge.


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