Steve Muto Reveals Himself as “BigKahunaBully”


Steve Muto’s Bully Alter Ego…
Kelly Muto endearingly, “My Thuggish Hubby!

Steve Muto - Kelly Muto - Big Kahuna Bully Identity

 The “BigKahunaBully” Idol from Steve Muto’s Bully Twitter Site @BigKahunaBully
Steve began posting to his Facebook Page, as “BigKahunaBully.” February 2015

Steve Muto Bully Thug

Steve begins to reveal

his new alter ego face bully identity on Facebook. February 2015.

Relentless posts, targeted at specific family members, hidden amongst his other trivial posts started appearing in February.  Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii, Countdown, Rub it in pictures of Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii, Countdown STILL GOING.

Steve Muto - Big Kahuna Bully Revealed - Kelly Joins In Further

Steve reveals himself here for the the first time as BigKahunaBully.
Kelly Muto Co-Bully reply with her Bully endorsement.

Steve Muto - Big Kahuna Bully Revealed - Judith Barthel Joins In

Judith Barthel, the mother of Steve’s Ex-Girlfriend, joins in the re-posting of the Bully content.
Thanks Judith for feeding the Bully!

 Steve Muto Bully - Rub it In 1

Facebook Bully Friends of Steve and Kelly joining in on what they have no idea they are getting into.

Steve Muto Big Kahuna Facebook Rub it In

Aloha, Vacation is month’s away but, Aloha.  No rubbing in here.

Steve Muto - Big Kahuna Bully Revealed - Projection

Another Big Kahuna Bully Post with Kelly joining in.  The only one f’ing up with lies would be you Bully Steve Muto.

Steve Muto - How to Cook a Fucking Steak

Speaks for itself.

Steve Muto Bully Cyberbully - Fuck Off

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