Steve’s Bully Twitter

Steve’s Bully Twitter

Steve Muto Bully - Going Ape Shit Immediately After Returning from Hawaii

This is going to seem crazy, but it is all true, there is a lot of content and text here but this is the Cyber-Bully of Record and is important to share with the broader community for many useful purposes.  Please take the time to read through and you will see what countless “Followers, Friends, Minions, Relatives and the Social Community at large has been witnessing online from this man unending for months and months.



Steve’s Cover Photo and Bully Logo.  Self-Proclaimed Bully and very proud of his Cyber-Bully work.
Steve Muto has been utilizing Twitter as an “Im In, I’m Out, I’m In, I’m Out Bully Tool for month after month after month relentlessly.  Tweeting nasty-grams to blood relatives practically daily in a sick display of what seems to be a severe acute psychotic episode that will not end.  The relatives have been tormented even after taking beyond extreme measures to block his digital attack, providing “cease and desist” requests, publicly exposing him, all to no avail.
Steve was finally caught red-handed cyber-bullying representing his employer and the bully posts together on Facebook/Cartrucker.  And suddenly all the bully posts were changed.
Steve decided that there might be a better Social Media Platform to do the Bullying from hence Steve’s Twitter Multiple Fake Personality Circus was launched.

It began with @BigKahunaBully on Twitter, self-proclaimed and proud of it.  This Cyber-Bully episode went on with that identity for quite a few months.  Once exposed Steve decided to change the persona to cute little Katy TruckerPuppy.  Mind you, the account did not go away, just the veneer changed temporarily while Steve regrouped.

To continue with the exposure and illumination of Steve’s Cyber-Bully Activity you will see the progression below beginning with @BigKahunaBully, going to Katy TruckerPuppy, back to BigKahunaBully and then on 7.19.2015 he wiped out all the content again and we will just all have to wait and see what Steve Muto Cyber-Bully does next.

Pictured below is where it began on Twitter. Steve’s “Bully Alter Ago” Twitter account @BigKahunaBully.  It is now @katy_puppy.   Please notice his extremely hurtful and abuse of the Twitter Hashtag system to build out what are called SLAM PAGES.  A SLAM PAGE is a grouping in Twitter of a single hashtag like #DEADTOUSALL.  Designed for maximum damage in the Twitter System.  This is not simply “poor judgement,” this is calculated, misguided and was purposefully meant to inflict PUBLIC humiliation, harassment, embarrassment, hurt and intentional infliction of emotional damage on his targets.

Steve’s Archived “BigKahunaBully” Twitter Bully Feed:
Pre-Hawaii (shove it in their faces) Honeymoon.
The rantings of a Family Serial Bully.

After being exposed this is what the @BigKahunaBully changed the page to:

Steve Muto Bully - Formerly Big Kahuna Bully now Katy Puppy

Steve Muto Bully - Formerly Big Kahuna Bully now Katy Puppy (1)

Steve Muto Bully - Formerly Big Kahuna Bully now Katy Puppy (2)

Steve Muto Bully - Formerly Big Kahuna Bully now Katy Puppy (3)

Steve Muto Bully - Formerly Big Kahuna Bully now Katy Puppy (4)

Then once again, July 19th, the wheels hadn’t even cooled off of the plane landing at LAX and Steve Muto Cyber-Bully was back to business.


Steve Muto Bully Twitter Header - 2 7.19.2015

Steve Muto Bully Twitter Conent 7.19.2015-001_NewSteve Muto Bully Twitter Conent 7.19.2015-001_New

Twitter Conent 7.19.2015-004_NEW



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